2018 District Award Nomination

  • Nominations for awards must be turned in by the February 2019 Roundtable.
  • Awardee MUST be Present at the LVD Awards DINNER to receive award!!!! 
  • Awardees will receive notification in advance they are receiving an award but not the type.

The adult submitting the award must sign the signature block on the back.  
* Only LVD District Committee members may nominate someone for the District Award of Merit.

Scan and send completed awards to the following three email addresses (ALL three must be included for a valid nomination and be prior to the cut-off date to be considered):

Eric Fremming – erfrem2@gmail.com
Dave Chambers – dcccfrog@hot.rr.com 
Kathy Hefner – kathyhefner@yahoo.com   

If you have any issues attempting to get the form (or I screwed something up) call Greg Dow
Unknown user,
Jan 15, 2019, 5:19 PM